Overall Settings

Overall Settings

You can set the Slider format, Type of style for slider, No. of posts, Slider Title, Thumbnail Image, Insertion mode settings here.

Slider Format : This is a format for slider. Here you can select default or Horizontal Carousal format for slider.

Style type : You can select different style for slider, for both Default and Horizontal Carousal format, there are different styles available.

Number of Posts :You can put any number, that how many slides(posts) which you want to show on slider.

Slider Height : Overall height of the Slide section.

Slider Title: You can give any name to your slider, by using this field. This name will appear above slider.

Thumbnail Image : To consider post attached image into slider, you can enable your appropriate image attached type using this field. If this option is disable then image will not be appeared in slider.

Preview Section

Retain these html tags : You can retain links and br tags in the slider posts. Against this settings, put all the html tags that you wish to retain in the ‘Retain these html tags’ input field. Put the tags in the following manner,

Continuous Reading Text : You can give text to your Continuous Reading Text. This text will appeared on slider.

Slider Insertion mode : You can select slider insertion mode, you can insert slider by Automatically or manually. In Automatic mode again we can insert slider above content or below content.