You can use the Shortcode as

[svattachments slider='thumbel' set='2' id='965']

You can change the value of the ‘slider’ parameter to ‘pointelle’ , if you are using this add-on for Pointelle Slider.



This is name of the parent Slider plugin which should be installed on your site. For example, its value can be thumbel or pointelle


The Settings Set ID ( You can keep this field as blank if you are using the default settings set. If you are using Settings set ID 3, then the value of this field would be 3 )


The ID of the Post / Page /Custom Post Type whose image attachments you would want to show in the Slider. You can keep this field blank in case you are embedding this template tag on Post Template file (single.php) or Page template (page.php ). It will automatically pull the ID of the current post or Custom Post Type as well.