Checkpoints to make the TimThumb image cropping work with SliderVilla Sliders on your site

1. Does your cache folder have the correct permissions?

You need to give your /cache/ and /temp/ folder full permissions. In most cases this is "777" but it may vary depending on where you are hosted. If 777 does not work, try 755. The permissions for the folder can be changed using the FTP client like FilZilla. It is recommended that you contact your host about what permissions to use if you are not sure. Settings permissions is also known as CHMODing, and can be done using most FTP programs and hosting control panels.

2. Are the images hosted on your domain?

The timthumb script requires that all images being resized be hosted on the same domain as your WordPress blog. This is a security measure put in place by the author. If you are trying to use images from an outside sources it will not work. But yes, there can be hardcoded exceptions set in the source of the script, with the domain names from which you would be using the images. Go to wp-content => plugins => pointelle-slider => includes => timthumb.php => Open it in Notepad or Notepad++ or the editor which you use to edit PHP code. You can modify the constants and variables before the line // STOP MODIFYING HERE!

There you can add the necessary domains to the $allowedSites array.

3. Does your server have the GD library compiled with its version of PHP?

This script requires the GD library to be installed. If your thumbnails are not working, check with your host to make sure that you have it.

4. Does your server have mod_security settings that are restricting the scripts functionality?

Some servers may have mod_security settings that will stop the timthumb script from working. You should always contact your host if you are having problems to make sure they do not have settings enabled that would stop the script from working.

5. Is the image you are trying to resize very huge?

If the source image for your thumbnail is very large in resolution your server might not have enough memory to create the cached image. This often occurs when people try to use a 12 megapixel photo from their camera. Try resizing your image down to around 1000px or so in width if you are experiencing problems.

6. If you are hosted with HostGator (particular case)

If you are hosted with HostGator then you will need to contact them in order to get thumbnails to work. By default, as mentioned above, they have mod_security settings enabled that do not allow the script to function. Also, HostGator does not allow 777 permissions. Instead, you should CHMOD your cache folder to 755. Also make sure that timthumb.php is set to 644.

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