Slide Tab Details

Slide Image
Here you can customize the looks of the Slide Image.
Image Pick Preferences : This setting indicates in what priority you want the images extracted for the post or the page. There are four entries, if all the checkboxes are checked that means the post/page will be scanned for the images in following sequence:

  1. Looks for an image by custom field. By default the custom field is slider_thumbnail. You can change its value, may be if you want to use the ‘thumbnail’ custom field.
  2. If no image is added by custom field, check for a post image/featured image set for the post (WordPresss 2.9+ feature).
  3. If no image is found, it grabs an image attached to your post.
  4. If no image is attached, it can extract an image from your post content.

Say if you uncheck the ‘Consider Images attached to the post … Order of the Image attachment to pick ‘ checkbox, it will skip the step 3 above.

Say, if you do not want the scanner to look to thumbnails and featured image and just directly pick the image from the post content, just uncheck the first three boxes and keep the fourth box checked.

Other settings include, Image extract size, Enable Image Cropping (using timthumb) or not, Make pure Image Slider or not, Default Image settings, etc.

You can tick the check box saying ‘Make pure Image Slider’ in case you want only images in the slides and no content.

Slide/Post Title
Here you can customize the looks of the title of each of the sliding post.

In this settings you can set font style, font color, google font of each sliding post title.

Slide Content
Here you can customize the looks of the content of each of the sliding post.

Show content in slides below title : To enable the content/excerpt to be displayed below the title of the slide. By default this is set to YES.

You can customize the looks, font, color etc. of the Slide Content area here.

You can choose how you would want the slider to pull the content i.e. ‘From Post Content’, ‘Post Excerpt’ or ‘Slider Content Custom Field’. If you set it to ‘Slider Content Custom Field’, you should create custom field named ‘slider_content’ for that post and assign the value to it.

Maximum content size : You can specify the maximum content size in the slide either in number of characters or in number of words. The ‘number of words’ value if entered will override the ‘number of characters’ value. So if you want the maximum content size in ‘number of characters’ leave the ‘number of words’ setting to blank (do not enter any value in it).