Basic Settings Tab Details

Basic Settings

You can set the Slide transition speed, number of posts (slides) in the slider, background color, width and height of the content slides, border settings here.

Slide Transition Speed : This is the time between the transition of the slides. In case you want slow transition, enter high value like 9 or 10. If you want fast sliding, enter smaller value like 2 or 3.

Direction of Rotation : You can set the direction of rotation as horizontal or vertical or combination of both.

Break Each Slide Into : You can set the number of cubes each slide will break into.

Max. Slider Width : If you enter 0, the slider will take the width of the container. If you enter numeric value greater than 0, it would be the width of the slider.

Slider Height : Overall height of the Slide section.


Retain these html tags : You can retain links and br tags in the slider posts. Against this settings, put all the html tags that you wish to retain in the ‘Retain these html tags’ input field. Put the tags in the following manner,

Do not separate them using commas, neither use ⁄ anywhere.

Minimum User Level to add Post to the Slider : This seeting indicates which users can add or remove the posts/pages/media images to the slider. You can give the permission to editors but not authors or keep the access restricted to the ‘Administrator’ from here.

Randomize Slides in Slider : You can randomize the slides added to the slider, so that everytime the page on which slider is embedded loads, the slides would appear in random order to the reader.

Text to display in the JavaScript disabled browser : If the Javascript support is disabled or JS is not supported by the visitor’s browser, this text would be displayed to the visitor saying that here is a slideshow which you can view in proper format if you enable the JS support on your browser.

Dbox Lite Slider Styles to Use on Other than Post/Pages : You can create your own styles for Dbox Lite Slider. From here you can select which stylesheet should be used on general templates (i.e. like index.php or category.php or archives.php) of your site (other than single posts and pages). For the sliders embedded on posts and pages, the stylesheet specified in this settings field would be default stylesheet, but you can individually select another stylesheet from the edit post/page panel for that specific post/page.

Enable FOUC : In case you tick this option, while the page with the slider is loaded, you can see the Flash of Unstyled content (i.e. the content in the slider will appear without any styling while the web page is loading). This box is uncheked by default, which means the complete slider with its content will be loaded at once when the complete DOM elements (html page) is ready and loaded.