How to Enable Auto Update for SliderVilla Slider WordPress Plugins

To enable auto update for SliderVilla slider WordPress plugins, you need to enter the License Key of purchased slider plugin. Here is how you can get the License Key and how to update the same on your WordPress dashboard.

License Key for SliderVilla Sliders

Login to “My Downloads” page using membership access details that you received after the purchase. Here you can see the License Key for each purchased product. Copy the key from there.



You can also get the License Key from the download link of purchased product available in the receipt email that you had received after successful purchase. Here is how to retrieve the license key from download link.

There are 2 links available in the receipt email, one with duid and other with ouid in the URL. The license key is available in the link with duid mentioned in the URL. The long string of characters in the URL after duid= is the license key of the purchased product. See the below image to know where to find the license key in receipt email.


Enter the License Key on plugin’s dashboard

On your site’s WordPress dashboard, open the sub-page “License” under Slider Plugin’s menu. Paste the License Key copied from “My Downloads” page. Save the changes.


This is a one-time process only. Now you can update the installed slider plugin using automatic update option of WordPress from either Plugins page or Update page of WordPress.

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