How to create different stylesheets for SliderVilla Sliders?

You should have FTP access to your site’s folder in oredr to create your own styles.

In this example, we are creating different stylesheets for Pointelle Slider Plugin. You can similarly create custom stylesheet for other SliderVilla slider plugins.

Go to wp-content => plugins => pointelle-slider folder => css => skins

Create a new folder with a name say… ‘custom’. Copy the content of ‘sample’ folder into ‘custom’ folder. Now go to custom folder => > style.css file. Open it with Notepad or Notepad++ or the editor you use to edit CSS files, add and modify/remove your own CSS rules. Save the CSS file. Upload the complete custom folder to the server, inside the skins folder.

Now on the Pointelle Slider settings page => go to ‘Miscellaneous’ settings => You would get value as ‘custom’ in dropdown for the setting ‘Pointelle Slider Styles to Use on Other than Post/Pages’. Select ‘csutom’ and save the settings.

As well, on Post/Page edit panel, you would get an option saying ‘Stylesheet to use if slider is displayed on this Post/Page ‘ under ‘Pointelle Slider’ custom meta box. Select the value as ‘custom’ and save the post/page.

You can create any number of style folders as ‘custom’ and name them whatever you want.

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